Golf Beginner’s Program

Golf Beginner’s Program

You’ve heard about the game of golf but not sure how or where to start? Here at Top Golf Asia we designed an easy to learn Golf Beginner’s Program. The program is customized to create a fun, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere while learning. Learn to play golf alone or simply create your own group with friends or family to make it more fun and to encourage each other for peak performance.

Our 10 week program offers a strong foundation and understanding of the game of golf. It covers the basic fundamentals of the equipment (golf clubs), swing technique, short game technique, golf course play, rules and etiquette. Completing this program will allow you to advance to the Intermediate Level where you will learn the finer details on the swing, short game and how to practice and play more consistent.


Golf students in Bangkok


Beginner’s Program Details

Week 1 – Equipment and the Golf Swing

  • Equipment understanding and safety
  • How to Setup (Grip, Stance, Posture, Ball position)
Week 2 – The Swing

  • Backswing Position1
  • Practice with short irons
Week 3 – The Swing

  • Backswing Position2
  • Importance of the Swing plane
  • Video Analysis
Week 4 – The Swing

  • Backswing Position3
  • Full Backswing
  • Faults and Drills
Week 5 – The Swing

  • Importance of Striking the ball
  • Impact and Follow Through
  • Practice and Drills
Week 6 – How to use Woods

  • Equipment understanding
  • 3 Wood practice and Drills
Week 7 – Pitching

  • Art of Pitching Techniques
  • Club Selection
  • 10-30 Yard practice
Week 8 – Chipping

  • What is Chipping?
  • Set-up fundamentals of Chipping
  • Chipping Technique
Week 9 – Introduction to Putting

  • Equipment understanding
  • Art of Putting and Set-up
  • Rules and Etiquette on the green
Week 10 – Video Analysis

  • Swing Check with Swing Analysis Software
  • Understanding your own Swing
  • Practice with a purpose



Beginner’s Program Price List

1 Student 12,000 THB
2 Students 8,000 THB per person
3 Students 7,000 THB per person
4 Students 5,500 THB per person
Terms and Conditions
All lesson fee to be paid prior to the first lesson
Lesson fee exclude range balls, green fees and caddie fees
Program expiry date 6 months from date of purchase
Receive 10% discount on second Top Golf Program purchase
Free equipment available for range lessons only