Testimonials – Golf Lessons In Bangkok, Thailand


Before I met Adriaan my handicap was 28, after 6 months working with him my handicap is now 14. My goal for this year is to get down to 12. What has helped me make this huge improvement is taking playing lessons on the golf course. I do not believe for a second that taking lessons hitting golf balls on a plastic mat on a range will have much positive impact on my game. I have spent many hours trying. But after finally going out on the golf course and getting advice and instructions there, my game started to really improve. My biggest improvements comes from my 100 yards in game. Since I rarely hit the green in regulation, learning how to hit from lies of various difficulties inside this distance has improved my game noticeable. This improvement took about 5-6 shots off my handicap in a very short time period. Adriaan is very good at these type of instructions. How can you possibly learn this from the driving range???

Finally, I have also learned a lot by observing Adriaan play. Especially the day he shot 6 under par at Thana City.

Johan Olstenius


In the past, I have a couple of coaches but none of them can explain my swing problem in lay man terms and thus I have not been able to figure out my swing problem. Your passion in golf and also the way you have breakdown my problem had allow me to digest my problem easier. I am sure in time to come I will be playing better golf. I will recommend a few of my friend to you and I am sure they will benefit from your coaching too. Thanks again,

Raymond Phee
Director – Phee Group Holdings Ltd


For anyone looking to improve their game, I can highly recommend Adriaan as a teacher for golfers of all levels. Not only does he have a real passion for the game, he also has the knowledge and the playing ability to back it up. There is nothing worse than a golf instructor who can’t hit the shots himself. I have played 18 holes with Adriaan and he can really play.

His lessons are relaxed and informal with a teaching style that can be as simple or as technical as you want it to be. Adriaan’s knowledge of the golf swing and the short game will definitely help you become a better player.
Paul Houston

Australian living in Singapore      


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Adriaan Herman.  In teaching, Adriaan has always displayed a high degree of patience and focus. It has certainly been fun working with him as he demonstrates a great love for Golf and in passing that on to his students.

In addition he also managed to improve not just my swing but also, more importantly, my handicap!  The improvement resulted in my husband (who has been playing for 20+ years) to take lessons too!  A session with Adriaan would be an asset to any active golfer and new pupils, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement!
Selina Lee


It is my pleasure to know you and thank you for spending your time guiding me on my golf game.  Your lesson was very systematic and very detail… I love the drills you gave me and the swing thought you implanted into me.  When I first started my golf lesson with you, my golf handicap was in the region of 18-22… With your help, now my game is in the region of 10.

I will definitely recommend my buddies to you for golf lesson… but make sure they don’t win me ok! 🙂